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Getting a Massage? Know this before you go…..

Getting a Massage? Know this before you go…..

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You’ve scheduled your massage and now you want to get the most out of your time with us, right? We have a few tips to ensure that.

No matter what type of massage you have scheduled your muscles are going to be manipulated to achieve ultimate relaxation. Even if there are no sore muscles that need attention, or knots to be kneaded out hydration is key the day of your treatment. Water intake is important before and after your massage to flush toxins from the body released from the muscles. Alcohol dehydrates you, so try and refrain on the day of your massage. Caffeine is also a natural diuretic, this includes limiting coffee, tea, and some chocolate.

Heavy meals may also be a bad idea, small meals and snacks are recommended. If you have a deep tissue, or Swedish massage there may be some soreness afterwards. Stretching will help with that, also a warm bath.
Wardrobe for your appointment should be very comfy. High heels are not recommended because they can stress newly relaxed muscles.

Arrive early so the relaxation can begin in the waiting room, and please remember to use the bathroom too. When you enter the room for your massage remove your jewelry and remove as much clothing as you are comfortable with. During your treatment you will be covered with a sheet and handled by a professional therapist. During the massage try and totally relax , let your thoughts go, and BREATHE. A few things you should let him/ her know prior to your massage are : Do you have epilepsy, heart trouble or allergies. Are there any sensitive areas. Would you like the room quiet, or do you prefer music? If the rooms too hot/ cold please let us know, this time with us is all about your complete comfort.
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