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Massage or Medication

Massage or Medication

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Chronic pain effects a large amount of our population. All too often we are fed pills, and offered invasive and expensive treatments that often do not help. Physicians are now recognizing the benefits of massage therapy for patients suffering from headaches, neck/ back pain, depression and much more.

This alternate therapy works for headaches and pain several different ways. By increasing circulation and blood flow nutrients are better delivered to muscle tissue aiding in the recovery of muscle strain. Tension is also decreased, and flexibility increased.

During massage therapy we become relaxed and our brain releases endorphins, also referred to as your body’s natural pain killer. Muscles that are tight or inflamed lead to spasm and decreased range of motion. Most or all of these symptoms are alleviated with frequent massage therapy. Fibromyalgia is also often treated successfully by massage therapy. The therapists often target the “tender points” and the more widely distributed pain and stiffness.
Massage therapy is fast becoming an effective and cost effective option for chronic pain sufferers. Your therapist will assess the patient personally and discuss a personalized plan of treatment.
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